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The entire roof system is very complex and our knowledgable team representatives will help you with understanding which materials will work best for your home. With dozens of options in roofing materials and warranties, the product you choose will impact the appearance of your residence. We are proud to be one of the Premier roofing companies that’s looking out for your best interest. Weather-Shield here to provide quality Product, Pricing and Workmanship.

  • Experienced, Licensed, & Insured Contractors.

  • Best Labor and Industry Warranties 

  • Affordable Roofing No Money Down 100% Financing Ask How?

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  • Weather-Shield Roofing & Construction was able to bid out the cost of the work and schedule the roof replacement work within a very short period of time. The cost was reasonable and better than the competition. The customer service was excellent and the crew completed the work within a day.


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